Star Fox: Assault – The Sequel Critics Dismissed

Here it is. The big one. This is my longest video yet, hitting the one hour mark. A lot of work went into this one and I’m proud of how it turned out.

Here’s the original description:

Star Fox: Assault is a good game. Does it really deserve to be the lowest rated?

Couple of things I forgot:


The manual for those interested:

The Japanese Gameplay came from bolt3879 here:

Thanks for watching!

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bearVshark100 commented on my YouTube channel with some interesting trivia

I think the Japanese version is saying something about how will or determination isn’t something you can eat, it’s something that’s received from the start. It’s really hard to translate and I don’t think it’s a concept we think about in English, so I can see why they went with the cheesy soul stealing line.


The squeaky gate sound for the first aparoid is probably a callback to old tokusatsu movies in Japan where that kind of sound effect was common for space monsters. 1

Thanks bearVshark100 that was interesting stuff!

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