Do I Hate Elden Ring? Part 4 – Liurnia of the Lakes

Link to the first post.

Why are there so many revenants? Why does urgent heal not work? (Probably self heal vs aura but it would be nice to be able to understand side benefits of spells easier). Most importantly why are all the separate systems the game has all leveled in a way to make it a pain to have alternative equipment sets? Obviously you’re not going to upgrade everything but the game is way too long not to allow some sort of catch up mechanic for weapons and spirits otherwise you’re just encouraging falling back on tools that are known to be effective. If a build isn’t valid the Souls games you can typically power through until you get the ability to respec but here that’s much further in and restarting may cost hours of game time. Thankfully it’s still true that equipment levels are more important than build levels but that just feeds back into needing to grind materials to get equipment to the point where you can test it, especially since end game enemies get really aggressive. Right now it’s just an annoyance so I suppose we’ll see if it gets better or worse later on.

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