You Should Not Play Shrek: Fairy Tale Freakdown

This was a lighter video while I work on other more substantial videos. Normally my You Should Play series is a place for me to have shorter videos for me to recommend interesting games without giving hour long critiques but I thought it might be fun to do a thought experiment and see what it would take to make a decent version of this game. I still ended up having a recommendation to give with Power Quest anyway so the spirit of the category is still there.

As for the Shrek game, I had this game a long time ago and I played it enough to unlock the characters (not that it saved them) and then put it down to never pick it up again. I have a distinct memory of playing it on a long car ride at night using the light attachment the Game Boy’s used to have to try to be able to see the screen alongside other games more fondly remembered like Pokemon Crystal and Link’s Awakening. This was never a good game but I’d like to imagine that it could have been and in some different timeline we would have had something worth looking back on if only to justify the time I spent on it on that road trip.

Power Quest was something I didn’t actually know about until I started looking for examples of whether a fighting game could work at all on the Game Boy’s hardware. I’m surprised I don’t hear about it more often honestly. Retro gaming enthusiasts seem to mainly focus on the home consoles. I’ll occasionally hear something about handheld consoles but usually it’s on failed consoles rather than interesting games. That’s a shame because there were a ton of games with unique ideas from the various Game Boys. I spent a lot of time with the Game Boy Advance myself, maybe I should take a look back at those at some point.

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