Do I Hate Elden Ring? Part 5 – Raya Lucaria

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Raya Lucaria was particularly frustrating. If you come in with magic it’s too slow and does no damage. Come in with melee and you’re outnumbered and out-ranged. But focusing back on the boss fights another point of comparison between Elden Ring and Monster Hunter is both have a stamina meter you need to manage. In Monster Hunter it even shrinks as you fight. It’s really easy to have plenty of the item to get it back, so it’s less of a time pressure mechanic and more a way to pace the fights in a way that includes ranged weapons. Melee weapons also have to sharpen but that takes the place of weapon maintenance in general. Melee weapons deal with it during the fight, but ranged weapons can handle it beforehand in exchange for the upkeep being more costly. Making sure your stamina bar is as large as possible is also something you take care of before the fight. The fights are designed with the assumption that you’ve done that. While you might be okay with forgoing that early in low rank you are handicapping yourself by the time of high rank.

Monster Hunter isn’t an RPG though. So the monsters can be balanced around the players all having the same stamina. Some weapons are more stamina hungry then others, it’s basically the one drawback of the bow, but it allows the designers to make assumptions about how much a decent player should be able to dodge even if they’re aggressively using stamina. The other side of that is that attacking usually doesn’t cost stamina. You can attack as much as you want, the cost is the commitment of the attack. Even then most attacks will give you enough time to dodge if you started it at a reasonable time. It’s just about knowing how much room your weapon gives you to plan things out.

And finally, the monsters themselves effectively have stamina. It’s rare for a monster to have long uninterrupted combos that don’t let the players do anything and it just feels better. It still happens but then that becomes a defining characteristic of that monster and you change plans around it. The tigrex being a well known example. I’m not the first to think that From could take a lesson or to from the bosses having their own stamina. Although, the usual comparison is Nioh. It doesn’t really need it though, it just needs something to help pace out the fights and stamina is a good way to do that that has been proven over time.

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